IASI Lady discreet Pads
Incontinence Pads

Iasi Lady pads with cotton are thin and discreet, specially designed for light to medium incontinence and other special uses, such as childbed or post-surgery situations. They combine effective protection from leakage and unpleasant odour, excellent fit and skin friendliness. They are compatible with sensitive skin, thanks to their special cotton topsheet. With an Extra Dry core that offers dryness, holding a large amount of moisture, and a special Odour Control technology that ensures proven reduction of unpleasant odour, for hours! Available in 3 sizes, to choose the one that best covers your needs. Individually wrapped* for hygienic protection and easy carry with. Dermatologically tested with excellent results by Dermatest Dermatological Laboratory (Germany).
Sizes 5 and 6 feature a wider design combined with adhesive wings for extra protection and steady fit even at night time.
*Except from size Extra Large

Iasi Lady Discreet Extra Large
Pads for special uses
Iasi Lady Discreet Super
Pads for special uses
Iasi Lady Discreet Extra
Pads for special uses
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