Quality care for the elderly means ensuring quality of life.
They need it!

Taking care of an elderly person is not just about keeping him/her clean and fed. It includes the time you, as his/her carer, spend with. Create a pleasant daily life for your loved one! Each day, try to find some time for a chat, some entertainment or just to relax. Make sure that every day […]

Bed sores and urinary incontinence

Often, urinary incontinence goes hand in hand with bed sores. The condition is more common in elderly people with limited mobility and is due to the effect of urine on the skin. Urine is made up of 95% water, while the remaining 5% consists of organic substances, mainly urea. Healthy skin has a pH of […]

Patient hygiene

Make sure that, before you begin, you have all the required personal hygiene items. Before washing the patient, protect the bed with a special waterproof cover. Start the bath by washing the face and then the ears and throat. Continue by washing the arms and the torso. Make sure all washed body parts are thoroughly […]

Urinary incontinence in the elderly

Urinary incontinence is an important issue for the patients themselves, their families and friends, and for their care givers. It also has a huge social and economic impact on the budget and on health. Approximately 18-40% of men and 24-46% women who live in care homes for the elderly are affected by incontinence. Some of […]

Comfort and care

The care of  patients, especially if they are bedridden, requires great psychological and physical effort. The first step is to organize the space to reduce your physical efforts when taking care of the patient. If the person for whom you are caring can go to the toilet by himself, the space must be arranged in […]