Scientifically proven anti-odour protection for up to 8 hours

The release of unpleasant odours is a true concern for all users of incontinence products, be they mobile or not, and for their carers. This is the need met by the ODOUR CONTROL technology of the Iasi range care. They are made with a new technology core that guarantees excellent absorbency and effective minimization of odours. The ODOUR CONTROL technology has also been certified following studies and measurements performed by the specialized Olfasense laboratories (Germany). As a result, Iasi incontinence products are a dynamic response to users’ need for odour control, with proof! The special ODOUR CONTROL technology of Olfasense laboratories guarantees the absorption of odours (mainly due to ammonia) for up to 8 hours*.

*Significant decrease of odours for up to 8 hours, scientifically proven by in-use tests conducted by the Olfasense laboratories.


Skin friendly protection

Safe protection to the skin is a top priority for incontinence products, due to the fact that they are worn for many hours every day. Iasi incontinence products have been designed based on the Sensitive Concept, which combines maximum absorbency with skin friendly protection. MEGA was the first company in the world to develop this concept, in Greece, aiming at better meeting the needs of sensitive skin. All Iasi incontinence products have been developed in accordance with cutting-edge technology that is reflected in their sensitive design: the choice of materials with exceptional skin-friendly properties along with the use of soothing extracts such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, for extra skin care. The unique combination of effectiveness and skin-friendliness was chosen not just to offer safety and protection, but to be as kind to sensitive, vulnerable skin as possible!



Breathable technology

Skin health and incontinence care are naturally linked. Iasi products are fully breathable, thanks to their multiple elastic technology that offers elasticity for better fit while allowing air to flow through the product, humidity to evaporate and moisture to be trapped inside the core, capturing leaks effectively.

Perfect Fit Technology

Excellent body fit is crucial for an incontinence product, in order to help ensure minimum leakage, but also comfort and ease of movement. It is hard for the consumers to distinguish on the shelf which incontinence product has a guaranteed body fit. The unique Comfi-Fit™ technology offers Iasi incontinence products’ users excellent body fit, thanks to the special Comfi-Fit™ elastics. Comfi-Fit elastic logo can be found on every Iasi pant packaging, ensuring a perfect fit and a comfortable feeling.