Taking care of an elderly person is not just about keeping him/her clean and fed. It includes the time you, as his/her carer, spend with. Create a pleasant daily life for your loved one!

  1. Each day, try to find some time for a chat, some entertainment or just to relax.
  2. Make sure that every day includes certain activities that will keep you both content, always depending on the condition of the person for whom you are caring.
  3. You can watch a film.
  4. You can read a book.
  5. You can do crossword puzzles or play a board game.
  6. And, if the patient’s current condition allows it, go for a walk.

This type of activity will stimulate the patient’s interest and will help you not to turn the care you are providing into a chore that makes you feel trapped.

Most of the time, a sick person who stays at home feels that he/she is entitled to your full attention. This does not mean, however, that you should serve him/her and bow to his/her every whim.

Encourage him or her to do as much as possible, if his or her condition allows it.

If the person for whom you are caring can go to the toilet by him/herself, arrange the space around the house in such a way so that he/she has easy access to the loo.

In the opposite case, if the patient is bedridden, make sure that you can access the bed easily.

Use soft bedding and, when choosing the patient’s clothes, opt for clothing made with natural materials – that will not irritate their skin. The clothing should not be too warm, so that the patient sweats less, allowing skin to breathe.

Use special skincare cosmetics and hygiene products with a sensitive design.

Opt for disposable hygiene products, such as gloves – bed pads – bibs. They are practical and can be thrown away after each use.

Especially in the case of persons who suffer from urinary incontinence, ensure that they are comfortable by using adult diapers and other incontinence products that are absorbent, skin friendly and neutralize unpleasant odours.

Iasi incontinence products have been designed based on the Sensitive Concept, which combines maximum absorbency, odour control, safe protection and proven skin friendliness.