MEGA has set maximum consumer safety as a non-negotiable priority. It is the global founder of the Sensitive Concept for the category of personal hygiene products. MEGA, with strict commitment to excellent quality, operates daily through an integrated Quality Control system of products at all levels of production. Quality at all stages of the production process is ensured by the existence of relevant quality systems. As part of the effort to ensure the best quality, MEGA has been one of the very few companies in Europe that have installed pioneering inspection cameras in all production machines, to ensure strict adherence to the specifications of each product.

MEGA Disposables operates daily through a product quality control and certification system consisting of the Internal QA System (Continuous Evolution, Fully Automated and Computerized) and the External System – External Laboratories.

The QA System includes a control system that monitors the evolution of products at all levels of production, as well as full control of the machinery and production units:

  • Choice of suppliers.
  • Quality control of raw materials, specifications of new materials and machinery.
  • Network and mechanical equipment testing.
  • Continuous in line process control with skilled personnel.
  • Internal Laboratory Tests * of Materials, according to EDANA / INDA Methods.
  • Internal Laboratory tests * completed.
  • Department of analysis and processing of messages, comments, consumer complaints.
  • Qualitative and quantitative consumer surveys conducted in Greece and abroad.
  • Microbiological testing.
  • Effectiveness control of the products. The lab is equipped with special dolls from the internationally recognized specialized lab SGS Lab France to control the absorbency of baby diapers.
  • Internal qualitative tests for testers.
* In-house laboratory tests: The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery while experienced staff monitors our product specifications on a daily basis and performs benchmarking with competitive products.

Outdoor Laboratories:

  • SGS France (France) and HY-TEC Hygiene Technologies (Germany)
  • EUROFINS / DERMSCAN group (France) and Dermatest (Germany)

For MEGA, Proven Product Safety is a non-negotiable promise to consumers.