States-Companies-People, we make a chain for the protection of the environment. We must commit ourselves to good environmental practices and work together, hand-to-hand, to ensure a sustainable future!

The effort for sustainable development is a battle that we need to give together as one.

      UN States

Many states have set the cyclical economy at the core of their development strategy as they have set targets that are in line with global sustainable development goals.

These goals contribute, among other, to:

– Energy saving and rational use of natural resources.

– Limiting pollution of atmosphere, soil and water.

– Tackling climate change.

In addition to environmental benefits, a strategy based on sustainable development can also contribute to social and economic prosperity, creation of jobs, growth and innovation.


Cyclical economy principles

Innovation, quality and safety of MEGA products are implemented in the light of the adoption of the principles of the circular economy, promoting responsible production and consumption.

Through everyday activities and taking into account the entire life cycle of its products (from raw materials to disposal), MEGA continues to contribute to improved levels of quality of life, through its high standards, promoting dynamic investments towards a sustainable, “cyclical” and carbon-neutral future.

















               Personal responsibility 

Do you know how to turn your home into a small environmental workshop?

Observe each corner of the house carefully and prepare a place for collecting and sorting your litter waste.

Separate paper, glass, aluminum, oils, etc. and before you throw them away, see if you can reuse them.

Small changes in daily habits are very important! When you learn how many items you can reuse or recycle, then you will have made the first step for a better tomorrow of our planet.


Responsible Disposal of Personal Hygiene Products

For personal hygiene products, it is important to dispose them, after use, in a proper way, which does not burden the environment.

Do not dispose used products in the toilet, outdoors, on the beach or anywhere else in the environment.

Discard only in the trash or in a scented bag and a special bin, for as long as it remains at home to control odour. This way, you also contribute to keeping the environment clean.