It’s perfectly normal that you consider all discussion of urinary incontinence uncomfortable, not just with your doctor but even with persons who are very close to you. You must remember, however, that a problem can only be solved only if it’s faced head on! As in all medical matters, the doctor is the right person to help you handle the issue of incontinence, as all cases are unique, depending, as they do. on personal medical history.

What are you really ashamed of?

The doctor is a specialist scientist and treats all sufferers in the same way. They do not treat patients depending on gender, but as just another case in need of treatment and monitoring.

You should also remember that your doctor has seen many patients before you, patients of all ages, who had the same symptoms as you or even more serious issues; incontinence doesn’t affect just certain ages.

The sooner you see a specialist, the sooner you will find a solution. Don’t dwell on such worries. Make sure, therefore, that you choose the right doctor for you, based on their experience and skills and not their gender.