Urinary incontinence may have a negative effect on the quality of your daily life, especially in its early stages. The feelings of shame and isolation can often lead to a serious mental illness, such as depression.

Don’t let urinary incontinence limit your daily life. Speak out about your symptoms: they’re not a taboo subject! A large percentage of people of all ages deal with the same symptoms on a daily basis.

The quicker you speak to a doctor about treating these symptoms, the easier your daily life will become. In any case, if you feel that you can’t handle the issue yourself or with the help of your close family, you can also seek help from a psychologist.

Even if you need time to accept this change in your life, your life at home doesn’t need to be unpleasant and boring. Do things that interest you, and that can be a pleasurable and creative use of your time. Do some gardening, read a good book and listen to your favourite music or look after your pets; it’s certainly never too late to learn how to…paint!

Please remember that, very often, an issue takes on the importance that we assign to it, which may be greater than it actually warrants.