The use of an incontinence pad every day for many hours requires materials that are kind to the skin of the intimate area, thus keeping the epidermis dry and healthy and helping you to handle issues like unpleasant odours.

Here are some very important secrets that may help you deal with unpleasant odours:

The right choice of products that are kind to skin and equipped with Odour Control technology. Iasi urinary incontinence products are made with a special Odour Control technology, that absorbs odours for up to 8 hours.

Wear non-restrictive clothing, made of natural fibres. Not only does tight clothing made with synthetic fibres cause you to sweat, as it does not breathe, but it also “traps” odours that may be caused by incontinence and does not allow them to evaporate.

Change incontinence products often. Don’t forget to change adult diapers, post-partum pads or any other incontinence products you are using (incontinence pads & underwear) often, especially if they are soiled.

Wash daily or use the special wet wipes. It is very important that the genitals are washed every day.