A carer’s role is complex and includes providing daily support on a personal and social level. Carers should help the individual escape social isolation, when possible, by resolving both the practical and mental issues they may be facing.

Any advice on how to choose a carer should include the following points:

  • Past experience. It would be ideal if the candidates were able to provide references from other families they have helped.
  • A friendly and patient personality. The carer’s daily contact with your loved one should be a pleasure, not a chore.
  • They must be able to remain unfazed and keep a clear head in cases of emergency and be able to follow the appropriate steps.
  • They must have a sense of responsibility. You must be able to trust that they will faithfully follow the agreed programme for your loved one’s care – including medication, meals and personal hygiene – every day.
  • The carer must be relatively strong, in case your loved one has difficulties moving.
  • They must possess basic first aid knowledge, and they should know how to use any medical equipment that your loved one must use (e.g. blood pressure monitor, oxygen bottle, glucose monitor, etc.).
  • They must be able to communicate with your loved one in the same language.